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Come On Over…

All together now, sigh of relief. :::sigh::: The blog is done. I had a few offers by HTML and CSS geniuses to help me out (thank you), but I really wanted to figure this out on my own (especially because it really shouldn’t have been that hard). I think I just might have done that!

So, come on over to the new home of Anna Lynch McClary Photography’s blog.


Goodbye old blog!


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Gotta Love Bugs

I haven’t forgot about the blog launch, I promise. Just when I thought everything was set to go, I ran into a rather large bug. I’m working on it now, so check back later today for the new blog!

Update: Well, it looks like figuring this out today isn’t in the cards for me. My server is now down. Thanks everyone for being so patient with this craziness.


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Just Like Christmas…

It isn’t opening day, but it is the next best thing… first spring training game! While I enjoy watching basketball, football and hockey, it just isn’t the same as baseball. The end of October leaves me counting down until this very day. My beloved Rockies have their first game today down in Arizona. Here’s hoping this is the beginning of a much better than 2008 season!

Baseball is a way of life in my house. In fact, if it weren’t for baseball we’d probably be living in a cardboard box since it is responsible for Mitch’s paycheck. Last year I joined my two loves and had the opportunity to shoot baseball. While it was a good experience, I think the two are better left separated. Because of the crazy and demanding schedule I missed out on most of wedding season and only got in a select few sessions.

Locally, we’re gearing up for the start of the TinCaps season here in Fort Wayne. Opening day isn’t until April 16th, but the longer hours are starting for Mitch, and I’m hearing more about fertilizer programs, equipment, grass, and dirt. Single game tickets went on sale yesterday and it sounds like it is going to be a packed house that first night. I can’t wait!

The best part of all of this… spring is right around the corner! I’ve been eyeing a new bike, and thinking that I can’t wait until it is nice enough for me to ride down to the ballpark.


We were with a short season team last year, so this opening day wasn’t until the middle of May. The crazy part was that it was COLD that night!


Mitch doing what he does best, playing in the dirt and grass working on the field.


My parents flew in for a weekend and I had a day off. What did we do? Well, we watched baseball of course. By the way, you have no idea how hard it was to get someone to take this picture… can’t say Cubs fans are the friendliest around.

Welcome back baseball!


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I promise that once I get through all of this computer work this week I will actually post up some new photos. I’m the type that if I took an hour break to go out and shoot, that hour would then turn into another couple of errands, grabbing lunch, maybe another couple of errands, and then I’d finally go back home to work and would need to do a couple loads of laundry, start dinner, and well you get the point. So, this past month has been a lot of buckling down and staying in my man made cave to ensure that the not so fun business stuff gets done.

I have scheduled my next two trips back to Colorado. The first will be March 26- April 01 and the next is April 21-27. I have a group of wait listed clients that I am going to start contacting today, once they’re all scheduled, appointments will be offered to those on the mailing list (email me at to get on the list), then I’ll post up on Twitter and Facebook, and finally right here.

With all of the time I’ve spent sitting in front of the computer, I think my kitties were feeling a little neglected (yeah right!). So Griffey, being the attention starved one has taken it upon herself to make sure that she gets plenty of my love.


There is barely enough room for her on my lap while I’m working, but she makes due. This has turned into a daily habit, but I don’t think she realizes that she is growing, thus taking up more and more of an already very limited space. Unfortunately, I don’t think she cares, in fact I think she thinks my work is completely secondary to her. (FYI, the picture was taken with the PhotoBooth on my Mac.)


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A Change of Scenery

Changes are coming to the blog. This past week I’ve been staring at my computer screen even more than I would in a normal week. I’m working on redesigning my blog and even moving it. I’m planning to have it good to go by next Friday, so check back often.

I did miss What A Deal Wednesday this week. However, I’m implementing a deal today that isn’t going to expire next week, next month, or anytime soon, so I hope it will make up for it. I love giving back to my clients and I appreciate more than anything that 99% of them come to me via word of mouth from previous clients. So, I’ve started organizing my referral program and my recent clients will be getting a little mail from me, keep an eye on your mailbox.


Every client will receive eight of these referral wallets (if you run out, I’ll be more than happy to get you more) after their session. That way you can show off one of your images and for every person who books with one of your cards, you both will receive a $25 print credit for a portrait referral or $100 with a wedding referral. If five of your referral’s book, your next session fee is on me!

Thank you again to all of my clients!


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I Caved!

When Twitter started getting attention last year, my first reaction was, “Do I really need another social networking site?” Because of that I resisted and resisted. Well, Saturday I finally caved and signed up. I haven’t had time to do much with it yet, but I have big plans for it. Click here to find me and follow me! I can’t wait to find more people to follow, it really is pretty cool.

Along those same lines I also created an ALM Photography Facebook Fan Page and an ALM Photography Facebook Group Page. I’m planning on using these new avenues to promote specials and share even more work with everyone. If you haven’t signed up for Facebook or Twitter yet, don’t pull an Anna. Stop resisting and sign up!

All of my new links to Twitter, my Fan Page, and Group Page are available on the right side of the blog here.



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